Comitis Capital

A reliable partner for entrepreneurs building businesses for a healthy, sustainable, and digital future.


We are a purpose-driven growth investor on a mission to partner with entrepreneurs and business leaders to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable and digital future. To make this vision a reality. we take a long-term customized approach to each partnership to accelerate revenue growth and create impactful businesses.


Our Values

Trust and integrity are at the heart of every partnership and act as the foundation that brings great visions to life.



We invest in visionary founders looking to create impact along our three investment themes.

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Cloud7 GmbH
PetCo GmbH

Investment and Operating Team

A long-term vision and a passion to grow businesses with purpose in collaboration with our partners are at the heart of what we do at Comitis Capital every day. We actively contribute to the value creation process through our best-in-class team of investment professionals, operating partners and advisors.

Industry Experts

Investment Themes