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Cloud7 GmbH

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Investment Theme

Resource Efficiency


Year Invested


Business Description

Cloud7, headquartered near Berlin, Germany, was founded in 2010 by luxury fashion designer Petra Jungebluth. Since then, the company developed into the leading brand in the premium dog accessory market in DACH, obtaining numerous brand and product design awards. Cloud7 is the leading specialist for premium dog coats and offers a vast selection of premium dog accessories which are distributed primarily through its D2C webshop. 

»We chose Comitis as our partner to enter a new era of rapid expansion. Their deep understanding of our business model and entrepreneurial thinking has left us convinced that they are the right choice to bring Cloud7 to the next level. Their value-based investment approach aligns perfectly with our vision and we see significant opportunities for Cloud7 ahead«

Petra Jungebluth
Founder & CEO of Cloud7

Why We Invested

Cloud7 is a pioneer in the sustainable production and distribution of premium dog accessories addressing our investment theme of Resource Efficiency. The utilized high-quality materials are durable and long-lasting, mostly from natural or organic sources. The Company collaborates with like-minded production partners operating modern facilities largely within Europe under highest ethical and environmental standards and enabling short transportation routes thereby cutting emissions. 

Cloud7 is a category-defining brand in the thriving European pet market with fundamental market tailwinds, such as increasing pet ownership and premiumization as well as humanization, featuring ample internationalization and expansion opportunities ahead. 

We share a mutual vision with the ambitious founder to execute our jointly defined growth and value creation initiatives. 


  • Focused international expansion 

  • Fostering of D2C efforts 

  • Further brand and product portfolio enhancement 

  • Scaling of the organization and processes 

  • Selective M&A