Investment Themes

At Comitis, we aim to invest in exceptional companies which provide services and products to tackle the challenges the world is facing today. These include topics such as global warming, overpopulation, and changing demographics. We aim to support the growth and development of businesses that will lead to positive impact on society as a whole and the environment, while delivering strong financial results.

With the vision of a more healthy, sustainable and enjoyable life for generations to come, we invest across the following three investment themes:


Among these themes we focus on businesses with the following typical attributes:

  • Growth potential

    >10% per annum

  • Profitability

    profitable or foreseeable path to profitability

  • Unique Selling Proposition

    Tangible differentiation of product or service

  • Management

    Strong entrepreneurial leadership

  • Region

    Western Europe; other parts of Europe opportunistically

  • Deal type

    Partnership, management-led buyout or growth investment

  • Stake

    Majority, influential minority possible

  • Equity per investment

    Typically €10–50m

  • Investment horizon

    Flexible, 10+ years possible

Benefits for our Partners

  • Strategic Sparring Partner

  • Organizational Excellence

  • Network of Experts

  • Buy-&-build

  • Internationalization

Healthy Living

An increasingly educated population puts increased emphasis on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This includes the choice of food, leading an active life as well as digital ways to monitor levels of fitness and health. As a result, there is high willingness to spend on products and services catering to these themes.

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Resource Efficiency

While natural resources seemed abundant in the past, population growth and a steadily rising carbon footprint per capita have made us realize that the world’s offering is finite. Continued over-exploitation of resources and high levels of waste will ultimately reduce economic growth. As a result, societies are bound to become more resource efficient. This will not only have a positive impact on the environment and the quality of life we can all enjoy but on the sustainability of the economic model itself.

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Digital Transformation

Our world has become highly digitalized...However many business sectors, business processes as well as consumer processes are still carried out in a highly analogue way. Today people adapt quickly to new digital solutions, both in their work environments as well as their private lives. Digitalization brings enormous efficiency gains for all.

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